Supplements For Treating Wrinkles, Stretch Marks and Scars in General

The skin is the most extended human organ that acts as a barrier between the external and internal environments. It thereby acts as the first line of defense whereby it prevents entry of disease causing microorganisms. The skin also has a rich vascular network that enables the skin to serve in tissue feeding, wound healing, thermo regulation, control of blood pressure as well as in immune responses. However, as we get old, our skin gets drier, thinner and less elastic. Its ability to protect itself from various damages also diminishes with age. Eventually, creases, lines, stretch marks and wrinkles develop on our skins. This article discusses various supplements for treating wrinkles and stretch marks and fade general scars.

Omega 3’s

Omega 3’s are a group of unsaturated fatty acids that are found in many sources but mostly from fishes. Omega 3’s have to be obtained from supplements or diet as the human body does not synthesize them. These supplements play a vital role in protecting the heart, brain, joints, bones and many other organs. These supplements have been shown to reduce severity and symptoms of chronic skin diseases (for instance, eczema), slow down the aging process and increase radiance to the skin.

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Vitamin A supplements are used to treat stretch marks and can either be ingested or applied topically. These supplements repair damaged skins and promote skin growth. They are also said to improve the collagen content in the skin. Collagen helps keep the skin soft and moisturized. Eggs and the liver are very good sources of vitamin A.

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These supplements are used in the treatment of general skin scars. The nutrients in these supplements are vital for the overall health of the skin. They have been shown to heal damaged skin scars and skin wounds. These supplements can either be ingested or applied topically. Most vegetables and fruits are rich in Vitamin C.

The above discussed are the most efficient supplements for treating wrinkles and stretch marks and fade general scars. You should therefore make them the top of your priority if you are to have a smooth and healthy skin.

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