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Healthy Foods That Give You More Energy

D you you feel ever feel fatigued even after having a good rest overnight? Do you ever find yourself dosing off and can’t even make it to sit on your office desk and have to sneak out to take a nap? Well, it is not only the activities you do that make you feel tired but also the type of food you take play a very big role in this. Food that has too much fat and calories mostly affect you because they require more energy to digest. Here are some of the foods that can help to boost your energy:

Fruits take less than an hour to digest and this makes it very quick to get some energy because they contain a significant amount of glucose that the body metabolism can easily convert into energy. Apples take longer to digest and they also contain fiber, so in this case they have prolonged digestion time than other fruits. Oranges for their richness in vitamin c really help in boosting your energy.

Coming straight from the plants, they contain high levels of vitamins and energy. Green vegetables are a great source of iron that is really needed in the body because it has a high component of energy. A diet inclusive of the green veggies and you will not have to struggle to fight that afternoon sleep.

High proteins
This is a high source of energy especially for the people who are trying to shed some fat and weight. You can frequently take more proteins in place of carbohydrates and that way you will always be feeling energetic. Eggs too are a great source of proteins; take it for breakfast and it will sort you for the day. Salmon has a great quantity of omega 3 and fatty acid which helps in reducing the cholesterol in your body, this way you don’t have to be sagging all day as it increases your body energy.